Remote DPC Instructions

PPLAC DPC through Print

For the foreseeable future, PPLAC will be conducting its DPC’s remotely. That means there is no general meeting where we will all gather. We all will have to watch via the internet and listen via ZOOM Meeting. It’s not as complicated as it sounds but it is different from what we are used to. Please read below:

Submissions will be through the website rather than the PPLAC website. Detailed instructions for submitting images are below.

The submission dates remain the same as previously scheduled. For the November DPC the dates are November 6, 7 & 8.

Costs per image remain the same at $15 per entry with a maximum of entries at 4 per person. Also as before when paying for PPLAC DPC submissions, VISA or MASTERCARD only.

The file naming convention is now back to the same way as we have always done. The format will be: the Category letter, underscore, Title, underscore, Firstname Lastname. For example: a Landscape image entitled “Sea Sunset” would be, L_Sea Sunset_Maker Name.

There is a one-time fee (per person) that goes to Print Competition of $10. This is good for the full year and is also good for other competitions such as PPC’s Print Competition. (Note: This particular fee transaction takes any type of credit card while paying for the DPC entries takes Visa or Mastercard only.) If you have paid this and are within the current year, Print Comp will skip this step.

The DPC will commence at 7:00pm on May 28th, our normally scheduled DPC meeting date and time. Save the date and time!

Because of the Print Competition system, there will be a few differences from the way we normally conduct our DPC’s. There will be no “Ups and Downs”. The Best in Show and Best in Categories will be determined solely by highest scores. The judges will not be able to revisit the images and narrow them down to the winners like we usually do.


Everyone can follow along with the judging via Zoom Meeting! Please make sure you register beforehand. You will then receive a link to join the Zoom Meeting for the DPC. The link to register will be in the Newsletter, Blasts and under the “What’s Next!” This is free and open to everyone!



PrintCompetition.Com Signup and Submission Instructions: 

Note! The following is necessary only if you are submitting images! If you are merely watching the DPC, all you have to do is connect as described above. There is no charge to watch and listen.

(The descriptions are below the screenshots)

Also note the information in the PINK BOX. The payment instructions will be there.

Payment info:

There is a $10 fee for each person entering images. It is a one-time payment, good for the entire year. It also covers any print competition that runs through including PPC’s Image Competition.

The fee for PPLAC’s image submission remains the same at $15 per image.

Note that when signing up with PrintCompetition and submitting images, there will be two separate transactions. One is the $10 for PrintCompetition. The other is the total for the images you have submitted at $15 per image.

If you have previously paid the $10 fee to PrintComp then there will be only the submission fee of $15 per image.