DPC – The 12 Elements

Some things in photography are happily constant: the excitement of seeing a captured image for the first time; the joy of unwrapping a new camera; the convenience of a camera phone; or the tranquility of pulling out a film rig and remembering how life can still move at much slower, almost meditative state.

Regardless of how we capture our images, each of us knows what we like and don’t like. In many cases we are not aware of the reasons, we just do. While having those answers isn’t crucial in the world of amateur photography, it’s crucial to long term success in the professional photography world.

In Digital Photographic Competitions, Print Competitions, and professional photography in general, we are actively striving to create stunning images. An understanding of what makes an image remarkable, outstanding, and memorable is imperative!

12 Elements of a PPA Merit Image will provide you with a basic foundation of the ingredients that compose an award-winning photograph. Read about the 12 elements and get a clearer ‘picture’ of how you can elevate your photography to a new level—opening new doors to you and your vision as an artist.