Digital Photographic Competition (DPC)

The key to improving your work is to participate in PPLAC’s Digital Photographic Competition. Four of our monthly meetings each year are devoted to competition.  Your images will be judged and critiqued by experienced judges, many of whom are qualified by Professional Photographers of America.  Award possibilities include Best of Category, Best of Show and PPLAC Photographer of the Year.

PPLAC photographic competition provides an unparalleled learning opportunity for our members. 

(You must read PPLAC Digital Photographic Comp rules prior to submitting)


2017 DPC Schedule

DPC #1 – February 23rd, PPLAC General Meeting

Image Submission Opens: Friday, February 17
Image Submission Closes: Sunday, February 19

DPC #2 – May 25th, PPLAC General Meeting

Image Submission Opens: Friday, May 19
Image Submission Closes: Sunday, May 21

DPC #3 – August 24th, PPLAC General Meeting

Image Submission Opens: Friday, August 18
Image Submission Closes: Sunday, August 20

DPC #4 – November 16, PPLAC General Meeting (THIRD Thursday of the month)

Image Submission Opens: Friday, November 10
Image Submission Closes: Sunday, November 12